Boxing, Training and Workout. Image from Pixabay

Boxing, Training and Workout. Image from Pixabay

Johnny started with some diffidence as he made his way towards the stage. His enemies were watching him as they passed money back and forth, showing their decadence. Johnny was all heart and accepted the altruistic code of fighting in place of his friend in order to save him. Johnny’s opponent Daniel was known for his nihilism; he would take whatever he wanted from a weaker man. Daniel’s opponents were always arduous when it came to protecting themselves. Only once did Daniel get whooped. It was so prodigious because he had been in many fights. He is always belligerent for a fight, and trained as an underground pugilist. His mother never liked his fights. She would pontificate the horrors of the harm he was inflicting on himself and others. She was convinced that one day, he would completely extirpate his internal organs. All she wanted was for him to live his life with exuberance. He claimed that he did by doing everything that he wanted to do; he claimed that his life was effusive and that he simply had a predilection towards boxing. It was Daniel’s favorite sport because it was unilateral with only one winner. He said it took chutzpah to fight, and even more to fight and lose. Johnny entered the ring, becoming petulant as he waited for the match to start. Johnny was ready to see if he had enough mettle to give Daniel his second whooping.



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