Milky Way, A Fairy Tale

Octopus. Image from Pixabay

Octopus, Image from Pixabay

There was a Seahorse that was piecing planets together, but he needed help to make them float and grow. He decided to seek help and went to the first group of ocean animals he encountered, a squid family. The squids said that they didn’t know how to make the planets turn or float and suggested that Seahorse talked to Octopus, who they said was far more superior because his brain holds more mass and he can grasp onto items with his suction cups. Seahorse thanked the squid family and sought out the smartest animal on the ocean floor.

Octopus greeted Seahorse by spraying him with ink. The sticky substance covered Seahorse. Octopus exclaimed that he did this in order to protect him against other octopi; the ones that didn’t want to help anybody but instead wanted an early dinner.

“Mr. Octopus, I have come to see you for not only your knowledge but your assistance. My wife has recently died due to a frightening shark attack. I myself had barely escaped. Besides our children, she has left behind some interesting stones that I have asked my coworkers about. They believe that they are planets, and I would love help in making them grow and produce life on them. If  you help me make them turn in the sky like a beautiful merry go round, I will let you plant whatever you want to onto each planet. There are eight in total.”

Octopus blinked in excitement. He was intrigued by the deal and agreed to it. “Let’s go,” said Octopus.

They started on their journey and passed Ghost-Bird Point, which was the old cemetery site specifically used to bury aliens, the creatures with two feet and who walked on the land. They abandoned their ships, but still fell deep within this part of the ocean. It was now more of a skeleton of a place because what wasn’t taken away by looters was rusting and disintegrating because of the ocean salt water. Mermaids were near these parts, since they liked to trick sailors who traveled these waters in search of a better life. They sang to them and these songs tormented the men. It drove them crazy, and they would stop eating and stop guiding their ships. Their love-sickness and loneliness would make them forget their mission and crash into the nearby caverns and ocean walls, where the mermaids had hidden homes. When it was finally safe and the mermaids heard the last of the logs from their ships fall to the ocean’s bottom, they would come out of their hiding place and search for jewels and gems; anything interesting that the ocean didn’t have before.

Octopus and Seahorse both knew of the Mermaids, with their beauty, and their trickery and didn’t want to have to pay any fees and rushed passed the area as quickly and as quietly as possible. Finally they made it to Seahorse’s home. Seahorse rushed inside his coral home and came out with his kids and these beautiful marbles that they laid in front of Octopus.

Octopus was shocked at how beautiful each one was and how unique. Some were sparkly, while others were milky or cloudy. Octopus felt each one. Some were smooth while others had bumps, indents, or small spikes. One was fuzzy like a peach and another one made a small buzzing sound. Octopus knew just what to do. He asked Seahorse to send the kids back inside, and Seahorse did. The he told him to watch from inside as well, that things would get strange for the moment. Seahorse listened and did as he said.

After they were inside their coral home, Octopus sucked in as much of the ocean around him as he could. He drained it of specific nutrients near Seahorse’s home, and Octopus grew larger and larger. He became so big that he had to go to the top of the ocean before started his task of dispersing the planets by spinning and spinning. Octopus pushed his tentacles above the ocean and kept spinning creating a twister beneath him. Things in the ocean were moving and different colors streaked passed Octopus who was catching as many nutrients as he could and sending them down through his tentacles, peppering the planets. When he felt like he got enough nutrients onto them, and they were starting to grow, he finally released them into the night’s sky. They streaked the sky in ways nobody had ever seen before. He had lost a lot of energy by this incredible task, and his spinning started to slow down as he made his way back to where Seahorse and his family were watching.

Seahorse and his family came out of their Coral home when they saw Octopus, and rushed to him. They were excited and thanked him for doing this to honor their mother. Octopus was tired and hungry, so when he went to shake the arm of Seahorse, he couldn’t help himself any longer. The ocean twister had cleaned the area and Seahorse was looking like a great snack. Octopus pulled him closer and ate him. The children watched, and were so afraid that they couldn’t move. Octopus ate them too. The ocean was never the same after Seahorse and his family, the last of their breed met their death, but now each planet circles the earth, each with their own unique qualities, all thanks to Octopus…



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