This is an old and unfinished compare and contrast paper that is sitting on my computer. I tossed it aside for a different paper I wrote but I stumbled upon it today and thought I would share.

Audience Concert, Music. Image from Pixabay

Audience Concert, Music. Image from Pixabay

It can affect anybody. It has no age restriction. It cares not of ethnicity. It only cares about acceptance. Being popular is something everybody is trying to achieve because it supports acceptance. Everybody wants to be accepted. So, how does the popular person do it? Are they naturally popular or does it take work to become popular? It seems like one of the main differences is that the popular person has many friends. The popular person can charm anybody. They have charisma and they know how to use it. A popular person knows what’s in, what’s out, and what should never be talked about again. They spot designer bags at a glance from across the street. They can see who else is a popular person and they can decide this too. If the popular person is a woman, she can adjust her cleavage, flick her hair, and give the most innocent of smiles becoming attractive to men and women alike. If the popular person is a male, he will know what looks good on him. He will smell nice and always have his hair just so. He smiles at everyone worthy of it.

The unpopular person does not smile and their daily life consists of upside-down rainbows in place of lips. An unpopular person wants a reason to smile, but doesn’t know how to. They wish they had a life so easy. They are happy to get something new from K-mart. Something of their own while browsing through magazines on the checkout shelf, they buy none of it. Their eyes stare with longing but they know no difference between designer Vogue and designer, well, what’s greater than Vogue? The unpopular person cannot compete with material possessions. The unpopular person will shop at thrift stores or yard sales. They will make things from the used items they find. A piece of fabric can be strung up in place of curtains in their new and temporary home, and it makes things more pleasant.

The popular person would never dream of owning something somebody else had owned, let alone used. If something goes wrong with their wardrobe, they simply pull out their parent’s visa, and voilà, a few new outfits. The unpopular person will pick up pennies off of the ground for bus fare.

A different paragraph, but with a similar topic.

Sometimes I wonder what the pejorative effects are of being friendless. It seems to curtail any social gathering or event. Many of these gatherings belong only to the esoteric anyway. Living in the lower, uneducated world is incongruent with their standards, even if life offers a whole gamut of experiences. Some consider themselves royalty while others are from apocryphal backgrounds. With lack of empathy from the elite, it is easy to extrapolate the gap in society that will broaden. This is gratuitous! It is even heinous to have such parochial views. The subject of poverty is taboo in certain circles. Don’t see, don’t tell applies here. Meanwhile, it is simply not enough for a person of poverty to travail through their life barely existing. With this knowledge, it is good to trust your viscera about people because many are innocuous. The scary truth is that poverty can happen to anybody. Isn’t that an egregious thought?



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