Drowning Man in Sand. Image from Pixabay.

Drowning Man in Sand. Image from Pixabay

She is overtaken by the night. It cloaks her dark thoughts but it does not banish them. She wonders about all the things she cannot change. There are thoughts that torture her, but for some reason, she decides to continue, to persevere. She’s challenging those who think she is wrong, and that she cannot make it. She accepts with her foot fully on the throttle, tempting fate to end her life sooner. She doesn’t give a damn. She knows that everything will end, eventually cease to be. So, she takes these moments into her cave. She pets them, and soothes them like a scared child. She consoles herself into believing that there is a brighter tomorrow, and lies in order to survive. She must make it, or let the enemy win. She takes a breathe and leaps into the water before falling and drowning.



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