Jellyfish. Image from Pixabay

Jellyfish. Image from Pixabay

The other day, it was quite beautiful outside for Washington State and I decided to go to Fort Worden and walk along the beach. To my delight, the beach didn’t have many people on it. I rolled up my pants, took my sandals off, and walked into the tide that was coming in. I took my time and enjoyed the saltwater rushing between my toes. At first, the water was cold but I quickly became used to it. I was looking for interesting rocks or agates. I also examined the wildlife I happened to notice.

Jellyfish are amazing! I stopped and looked out into the ocean. I watched the tide roll in as I was standing there. An older woman down the beach was quickly approaching me, and she was also barefoot. “It’s such a beautiful day,” she said.

“It’s gorgeous,” I agreed. She stated that everything was perfect: the sand, the sun, and the ocean. I smiled and she continued her walk. In that moment, I realized that where I was, was exactly where I needed to be. Life keeps moving. We are all so small in the giant spectrum of things. People have walked the ocean beaches for thousands of years. I was not the first, nor will I be the last. I envisioned the stars and how many there were. I imagined how their ancient lights must glow. They are so far away and yet they affect everything. I am a part of something bigger and more meaningful than I fully understand; I belong!



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