My Spider

Spider Web from Pixabay

Spider Web from Pixabay

I watched as the spider danced on my window
Twirling like a ballerina
I thought nothing could be more beautiful
Her feet moving like a seamstress hemming a dress
Toying with the idea of
Torturing her prey by slowly suffocating them
She couldn’t wait
After all, this is survival
I tried to tell her age by her movements
To me, she was an old maiden
Because of her certainty and precise
Move here; Thread here; End it here; Wait
There are only so many opportunities for food
Her energy starts dwindling when her thread does
I wanted to be her
Elegant, fearless
Silver legs moving
Goal orientated and alert
I am not afraid of her nest
The one that will ultimately consume her
It is easier for me, the spider, to feed them, my children
Than it is to let my life rot away for nothing
If I were her,
At least my life would have a clearer purpose



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