The Fight

Marble Sculpture Statue Fighting. Image from Pixabay

Marble Sculpture Statue Fighting. Image from Pixabay

Inner turmoil is like the fight for survival. My demons bashing into my dreams like long lost rivals. Where to go from here? Who will win this battle? Too many times I have asked myself these questions. Sometimes, not enough. I guess it depends on my goal: To be happy or miserable? Of course happiness is the goal, but what is it that I want? Do I want the easy life that comes barreling my way that makes me need not make a decision about it, or the life that sets me into danger forcing me to fight my fears and scarring my skin along the way? Nothing good ever came from sitting still and observing all the monsters crawling on the cement around me. Each only trying to keep warm from the sun’s miniscule light filtered through all the smog. It’s as if we do not own this world and we don’t. This is why I choose the hard road. I do not want to bored, to be swooned into only breeding and living my life the way HE wants me to, whoever it is that he is, wants me to. My life as a woman has been for him. No more will I sit in the back seat of my own life. It is time to find my warrior blood and gallop away on my stallion bred for battle. It’s time to lose my apathy and to let go of my parsimony in order to be free. The time is now. The eagle is calling.



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