The Christmas House

I was in a bright red and orange house with my friend, who has always lived his life as a female, especially in his romantic relationships with men; physically however, he has always been a male. He wears beautiful clothing that he customized for himself, and often wears long flowing skirts to match his long, jet black hair. There was a bed in the room and I was very tired. I told him that I was going to lay down and he could cuddle with me if he wanted to. We’ve had many conversations about his sex life and the years he spent in prostitution, cuddling females is something he never was interested in nor did he do. So, in my dream, he laid beside me even though my back was to him. He started to talk about everything and I stayed there listening but also looking around the room. There were chains on the walls. He was excited with what he was talking about stood up to go make a cup of coffee. When he did so, I noticed that one of the chains in the room was attached to a collar around his neck. The atmosphere changed when he stood, and he was taller and even thinner than he normally was. It became darker, but in the darkness came a sound. The chains were streaming live, classical music through them; my friend stopped prattling. The chains were thick and heavy-looking. The weight or being hit with them would surely be painful. They were the kind of chains with rings large enough for me to stick my hand into them and wear as bracelets if they weren’t so heavy. The chains changed from their metal to Christmas lights as I was examining them. Again, I looked around at my quickly shifting atmosphere to see spiky stairs. They looked like pointy teeth and were shaped closer to mountain ridges whose peaks were at various heights. Then the dungeon room again went dark and the music stopped.



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