Chasing Tail-Feathers

I was Einstein, and I was walking through the forest in order to collect as many feathers as possible. It didn’t matter from what bird they came from, as long as I gathered them. I decided to attach these feathers to a machine I created. Basically, the machine was a suit that fit over my clothes and strapped onto my arms and legs. I could control it with simple body movements. The feathers were to be attached to the machine, and become a giant bird. My goal was to learn how to fly with it. The word got out, and many people came because they wanted to take my machine away from me. I had become very good at flying, and I ran to gain momentum before I emerged into the sky. The people were chasing me, but I was free when I was in the sky. If I became tired and wanted to land, I could only stay on the ground for a few moments before the people flocked to me; I tried to watch them below me shifting to areas where they thought I would go so that I could find a safe place to land. When they came, I’d take off into the sky again as quickly as possible. Nothing could harm me as long as I was flying. There was only one time when I was almost caught, but I took off before my tail feathers could be grabbed.



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