A Drowned Mouse

I was spraying down a concrete floor at an outside parking lot. It was much like the place where I went to Junior High in the tiny town in Oregon. On the corner of the floor was a deck where things could be stored under. I had a hose and was spraying the leaves down the sidewalk towards the grass field. Under the deck was a mouse. I noticed the mouse but I just kept spraying my hose and watched the mouse slide down the hill into the grass area that was turning into a huge field of water. It was becoming a lake or ocean. The mouse started to die. I was ashamed of myself and my actions towards the mouse, so I went in after it. I picked him up. He was a sweet creature, and was drenched while lying in the palm of my left hand. He wasn’t breathing and when I went to move his head in order to give him mouth to mouth, his head came completely off! There was just a skull there, where his head used to be. It was completely cleaned of everything: fur, eyes, muscles, and skin. I gently put his head back on and tried to blow into the mouse’s mouth but nothing was happening. I couldn’t do this well enough to bring him back to life, and the mouse died in my hands.



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