From Writing to Cakes to Travel

I was at a writer’s meeting that was taking place in a restaurant I didn’t recognize because I had never been to it before. It was a semi-dark place with wooden walls. It had many square tables. Some tables stood alone in the center of the room while others were propped against the wall. I was sitting at a table next to a wall with my Polish friend beside me who is also a talented writer. Two older women sat across from us. There were other people in the restaurant, but they were sitting behind me. The women across our table brought chocolates covered in tin foil and cakes. The first cake was a vanilla cake and I took a bite of it. It wasn’t very good and I didn’t have more than the first bite. The second cake however, was a chocolate cake with a beautifully decorated blanket covering it. This blanket swooshed and was edible. The blanket had a woven pattern on it along with colorful flowers. I took a bite of this chocolate cake and whatever this dark temptation presented, I enjoyed it. My friend and I decided to leave the meeting and go on an adventure. We left the cakes behind because they were too big and heavy to take with us. The two of us walked out of the restaurant and onto cobblestone streets near a castle type of a building. There were river boats in the moat surrounding the castle, and we got onto one. The motes were shaped like big rectangles, but the places where we sat were shaped into a “V” in order to make us feel protected and that we weren’t going to fall out at any time. We rode down the river and came out near two little dogs that were about the size of my sister’s pug, only the dogs weren’t pugs; one was a brown wiener dog while the other was a scraggly black and white dog. We walked up a windy walkway and I saw a blonde haired boy around the age of five or six on top of a ledge wall and playing with toy trucks. Many people walked passed him and completely ignored him. My friend voiced the concern and thought I had which was, “Be careful. Don’t fall.” We left the area and went onto another river ride to get to another place of our mystery object we were in search of. The water was faster this time and I wondered what would happen if I dropped something like my wallet into the canal.



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