Goodwill and Sign Language

I was with hanging out with an ex, the one I have known for a long time and am still friends with. We were at the Goodwill I used to work at. It is also the place where I started to get to know him. He was on a mission to find the perfect missing thing from his life, which was a shield to put on the inside of his car to deter vagrants. We were talking and then I saw the tutor from my American Sign Language class. The tutor signed that he saw I was busy and would be around the store if I wanted to talk. The tutor walked out of the electronics department my ex and I were at in order to go to the linens department. The tutor kept looking over at me and I couldn’t decide who I wanted to talk more with. They were twins in many ways in my dream but had completely different personalities and offerings. The tutor would offer stability, comfort, and a home; my ex would offer confusion, and affection but also travel. I awoke before making any choice.



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