Interstellar Wave

I was in a large wooden boat, alone in the middle of the ocean. Waves were coming towards me and I was taking them on one by one. I was proud of myself for making it over the waves that kept becoming bigger and bigger. I was amazed that my sailboat had shrunk in size but was still intact. I went through some waves and others I went directly over without any problems at all. It was very exciting until this monster of a wave came rushing towards me. It looked exactly like the wave on Interstellar. My boat crept up to the top of this wave rushing towards me. I had made it safely up the rollercoaster wave, but coming down the other side of the mountain wave, everything had disappeared. The wave and boat were both simply gone, and there was absolutely nothing left beneath me. It put me into a state of panic and I woke up from my dream turned to nightmare. I even awoke feeling seasick. Everything in my dream felt intensely real.



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