A Shark Surrounding Me

I was in the town where I check my mail near the marina that is near some public showers. There was a boat, a big boat, and a tour awaiting me. I got on the tour boat and the captain had several maps of the Puget Sound and he was showing us where all the different schools of fish were that we were going to be looking for. We began the trip out to sea. All of a sudden, the boat became more like a sailboat. There were several people around me, and I heard someone exclaim, “What was that?” while pointing out this circular window on a white wall. Outside, the water was up over the level of the boat I was on, and I looked out the window that was taller than me. I could see both above the water level and below it. What the group first thought was a dolphin because of the curved fin, came up out of the water and we realized that it was instead a shark with its mouth wide open. The shark opened and closed its mouth in a mock chewing motion. The fin on its back uncurled and became the spike it originally should have been. We were a little shocked at first but then the realized that the shark was paying us no mind or real attention. In fact, it seemed mechanical in its movements as it did laps in its own whirling circle. We ignored it and continued on our journey to find the colorful schools of fish we sought out to begin with.



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