A Swedish Hair Cut

I was spending time with a friend of mine from Sweden. I have known her for some many years and she has become a good friend to me. We are both immigrants but we share different stories. She is older than me and I went to school with her children. In my dream, we weren’t at her work or home, but instead at another location that I have not been to in a while. The man who adopted me had two children from his first marriage, and I was at the youngest daughter’s house, but it was just me and my Swedish friend there. My Swedish friend and I were standing in the kitchen. I was by the table while she was by the sink making something while discussing my hair. While slicing what looked like potatoes into a strainer, she was suggesting that I cut off my hair into a cute little bob and donate the lengths to people in need. I love my hair and I was giving her all of the excuses as to why I could not do this. I told her that I don’t look good in short haircuts, but she disagreed and said that I would feel good when I finally let it go. She told me not to be afraid, and just do it already.



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