Sleeping Truck

I was in a parking lot. I was inside of a truck and sitting bitch in the center. I do not know who the people next to me were. They were larger than me but I never looked at them. Instead, I looked around the parking lot, scanning, and there was another vehicle across the way, shining their lights towards me for no particular reason. This is something I hate and cannot stand. Lights on, no movement and the car running for sometimes an extremely long time. Why? Just turn the vehicle off when not using it. I squinted my eyes to see if I could notice who it was in the vehicle that was staring at me. I realized it was an old coworker who I used to work with at the Goodwill many years ago. He had asked me out on a date but I declined his offer and he ended up dating another coworker of ours. I felt uncomfortable with his eyes watching me from across the way and I slid down into the seat. I was trying to find comfort and safety with the people around me and I went to sleep.



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