The Charmer

I was running away from a serial killer. He was a bald and obese man, but he was also charming. He had been luring his victims based upon this charm and then massacring them almost instantly when he wanted to. Sometimes he peeled the skin right off their flesh while other times, simply slitting their throats wide open. Blood drenched these bodies, but he walked away without a spot of blood on him. This serial killer looked a lot like a friend of mine’s best friend who I met back in December. When I met this friend, we went to a bar and the waitress was trying to walk passed him but bumped into him instead. This man exclaimed that he was very sorry. The reason he was so sorry, he stated, was because he was so fat.

I heard about this serial killer and I wanted to hide from him so as not to end up hurt or worse. I went to a house. It was quiet and empty, with a bland exterior. The people who previously lived in it had retired and left. The retirees happened to be the same couple my ex-husband saw for counseling and medications. They left the house with all of their little white dogs who finally weren’t even yapping. I entered the house and inside it was much like one of the first houses I lived in at Washington State. It was the house I started my senior year of high school in but didn’t graduate from high school in this house. I went to the bathroom but I couldn’t lock the doors, either door, from the inside. I could only lock the doors from the outside, and so I left the room and dashed outside. I decided to hide underneath the porch. There was a broken step that was a little loose and I was able to squeeze myself into the small opening. I tried to make sure that the step was not altered or tampered with in any way.

Under the deck was a large swimming pool, but I didn’t swim in it because I didn’t want anybody to hear me and end up drawing attention to myself. However, I was becoming hungry and looked for a fridge. I found one and opened it, but there was nothing inside of it, only darkness. I closed the fridge and thought about what I should do. While waiting, I heard noises outside like a party was taking place. Fuck, I thought to myself. I was so worried about being caught that I decided to climb out of my hole before anybody saw me or arrived to my secret location.

I climbed out and as I was fixing the step again, somebody saw me. I told them that I tripped down the stairs because I had accidentally missed a step. They helped me up and I brushed myself off. There was indeed a party, and instantly I saw the serial killer in a field that was near the house. There were hedges surrounding us and I saw people hesitate while around him. They didn’t want him to lose his temper and murder someone. He did anyways. As he slit their throat, somebody popped off some fireworks exactly when it happened. I awoke very afraid.



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