The Giver

I was in a room in a house. This house was much like the house I used to live in with my White Knight. I have always called this ex this including when we were together, but only in secret. He did a lot for me, and I always looked to him as an example of the type of person I want to choose for my lifetime partner. Even though things between me and the White Knight didn’t work out, I still appreciate the lessons he taught me and how much I grew in the short amount of time that we knew each other.

The house with the White Knight had windows only on one side of the house, but in my dream, these windows were replaced with a couch placed opposite of the couch we used to have. There was a man on the couch in the place where the windows were. He was a heavier set man who was talking about how much he needed to clear all of the junk out of his house. The house seemed pretty spotless and clean to me. There was however, a small box on the floor. It was shaped like a portable podium one would place onto a table for presenting a speech. The man said the box was ready to be placed into the garage and he was excited to share his joy of “cleaning out the clutter.” I diminished his joy by exclaiming, “Well, when it gets put in the garage, you’ll eventually forget about it and you’ll never really get rid of the item.” The man didn’t say much, so I ignored him and went to the other couch in the room.

A friend of mine was sitting there in a relaxed manner with one hand stretched out across the back of the couch. This friend lives in another country, one in which I hope to return to. We have been becoming closer the more we both get to know each other, and I am thankful for having him in my life. He truly means a lot to me in several ways. In fact, he reminds me a lot of the White Knight, and I could truly see myself with him in some hopefully near future.

I saw him sitting there and I curled up next to him like a cat. I placed my head into his lap and my knees were touching the place where my back would be if I were to be sitting in it normally. I was still ignoring the man with all of the stuff. What my friend did next excited me. He leaned down and kissed me upside-down like in the movie Spider Man. It was soft and sweet, I could almost taste him. This thought excited me further and I sat up in my seat to kiss him with our eyes parallel. He felt my feelings and my sadness dissipated with his kiss, and I became hungry for more. Our kisses became more passionate as we sucked each other’s tongues. I squeezed into him and tightly wrapped my arms around him. This dream kiss felt so real. I felt like we were truly together and a couple. I awoke because the man from the earlier discussion interrupted us, but I was still lost in the feeling of those kisses.



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