The Fly

The fly was buzzing around me and I wished the incessant behaviour would stop. How he was enticing me to swat at him with my cumbrous book. I set my textbook down and realized the inspects were ubiquitous. Perhaps their sneaky presence has really been unctuous in the fact that they have moved in! I am sure that they want me to turn a blind eye and live in harmony with them, but it’s my onus to be parasite free. Hypocrite, I stutter. I want a life without bugs, but they constantly live on and in the human body. What a paradox! I ease my perched legs off the couch and languidly stand up. I notice a protuberant mound growing on the wall that I had not seen before. I wonder if it is ominous. Certainly it cannot be salubrious. the practical thing to do would be to have an exterminator check it out. Or, I could move and leave these problems to another. The humour I conjure of my landlord being vituperative towards me leaving him in a pigsty. The thought, I don’t find disconcerting, but it’s better to be the good tenant and do something now so that the problem doesn’t become worse. We need to find peace, I say; actually, I don’t say anything. Like Echo from Greek mythology, I am laconic.



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