Affairs of the World

When I hear of people talking about what they ate for dinner, and not about the affairs of the world, I find this fatuous. It’s so useless and without meaning, that I am left soporific; I think a good blanket and a pillow will ease my annoyed mind. This says a lot about our society, and I find it perspicuous about what people find important. I think it would be great to stultify these individuals and put into their subconscious mind all of the things that matter. You might think that I am being sanctimonious, but I just wish more people would care about what is important. The apathy of the generations today leaves me in a lachrymose state. Why do I have reticence, and everybody else has not one opinion they can express about any of the current events today? It might be my attitude of caring too much that dispels others and leaves me talking to myself; I am opulent, and cannot change the world with the little amount of change in my pocket. The poor have changed less than the preponderant middle class or even wealthy members of society. The poor may be lackadaisical, or they just may be more concerned with what they will eat tonight, instead of concerned with what is happening with the presidency. Four years in the Oval Office, a president’s time is ephemeral and it’s often spend with a majority of that time dispelling blasphemy. Bill Clinton escaped his rumours as emaciated as possible; but Americans knew that he had indeed had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Even if it didn’t happen, many are too docile to question otherwise.

Professor’s Note: Excellent! So glad to see someone is actually having fun with these assignments.



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