Hunting Turkeys


Personal photograph: George Bush Puppet, Mr. Rabbit puppet, and Mr. Frog

I was at a class in the middle of the woods. My professor was President George W. Bush (George Bush Junior). He was teaching the class how to hunt and specifically turkeys. He gave his lecture and let the class attempt their hunting. I saw my turkey and hid behind a bush. I watched the bird and made sure that nobody was coming nearby. I aimed my gun and finally shot my bird. It fell to the ground quietly. After I shot my turkey, I met up with the class in the specified place we had agreed upon before dispersing. All the students showed their turkeys off, but when the professor saw my turkey, he smiled enormously. He was extremely proud of me because my turkey was the largest in the class! Then, he grabbed my turkey and started to de-feather it while describing the process needed to cook the turkey.



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