The Perfect Mother

I had this dream on Mother’s Day (in the United States). I was trying to write a list about the qualities that make up the perfect mother. In real life, I have two mothers or even much more than two because I have had several parental figures in my life. I have the woman who adopted me, who is not my mother, who I refuse to call my mother, and who the law states is in fact my only mother. Adoption is a strange thing. I had a mother before the woman who adopted me became “mom;” I was swiftly taken away from my mother at four years old and she was given the future title of being my “birth mother, biological mother, natural mother” or any other term society wants to throw onto her. I refuse to do that to her. She was and always will be my mother to me regardless of what names society calls her. It’s quite confusing to know and have memories of my mother and being forced to call the new woman who started raising me “mom.” I always wondered why I had to lose my mother and why  I could no longer see her. So, I wrote my list, or attempted to write my list of what makes the perfect mother, but all the details I wrote down didn’t make any sense. There were so many details missing that I could not, by any means, finish the compare and contrast list of the qualities needed to be a “good” mother.



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