The Arrest

I was in an argument with somebody. In real life, this is not something to be arrested for, but in my dream, that is exactly what happened. I was then sent to  an all female prison. It was large and my cell was in the back of the prison, farthest away from the entry door. There were a lot of floors in the prison, and mine was not at the top floor, but quite close to it. The cells would be opened and everybody was free to wander the halls. I left everything in my cell and sort of floated through the halls. There were these beams that were supporting the structure that we were meant to stand on, to walk over. There were bedroom doors on the wall side of these beams, and I was jumping from one to another. It was a graceful jump, a jump of knowing that I was not going to fall. I was not going to get hurt. It was not quite flying, but close to it. I was floating. There were showers and my supplies were not where they should have been. I was wandering the concrete halls looking for something colorful, looking for the rest of my things, but I found none of them.



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