Part One:

I was at work, and my coworker got up to leave for the day while I was finishing up a final project. My coworker placed a pistol on my desk and walked out of the room. We shared the same desk, with both our monitors and seats aligned next to each other. I was stunned that she had done this. In my dream, I work in a highly secured area and guns are absolutely not permitted. I thought about my options and decided the best thing to do would be to take it to security. I grabbed the gun and put it into my left jacket pocket before heading towards the exit and the security stand with the metal detectors. There was a huge line and then it was only me standing there. I explained to the guards what had happened and told them that I didn’t want the gun to sit on my desk all weekend long. I explained that I didn’t know what to do and thought my best option would be to turn it in. The guards laughed at me and said they would return the gun to its proper place. I handed it over and was extremely relieved.

Part Two:

I had left the building and was meeting my best friend who I will call Vladimir here, which in real life holds a significant inside joke. We were on our way to look at a boat and a travel trailer. We went inside the travel trailer which was very similar to the travel trailer my ex husband owned. It was a small, 23 foot trailer and was decorated pretty much in the exact same way. Only, the entryway floor had a secret compartment, except that the compartment was clear and it had a small entrance in it. So basically, it was like a box in the floor with a clear panel that could be lifted. Inside, I could clearly see a cat. It was a grown cat, but she was about the size of a kitten still. She was a mother cat, and I was extremely worried about her. I asked Vladimir what to do but he thought the cat was fine. I asked him to look at her cage. She had food in there and a cushion for a bed, but the rest of the cage had a yellow substance at the bottom of the area. I thought the mom cat was trapped and in no way could get out of the cage and had been urinating where she slept and ate. I tasted the substance and realized that it was only vitamins.



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