Showing You My Pain

​I thought the sound of my voice would puncture my ear drums,

But still
You did not hear me
I thought I could call you
But you do answer your phone
I thought I could write you
But you do not respond
On your time is when I have you

I thought I could make you feel my pain,
So I grabbed you and held you close to me
I closed the physical gap between us
But you never felt my pain
You never heard my pain

I decided to make you see it
I sliced my skin open
I let the wounds bleed
But you never saw the red

Scabs formed,
And I took your hands to my wounds
You caressed my punctured skin
But you never felt my pain

I let myself die the last time in your arms, and when I died, I stopped caring about showing myself to you

I walked away from the only person I cared about more than myself. I’ll never know if you walked out after me or simply watched me walk away while you held my broken heart in your hands, still oblivious to my pain.


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