Wheels on our heads

​We were caught in a world hidden from us. Sheltered. Our bodies had been altered. A wheel placed on the back of our head like a hard pillow. This was so they could wheel us away if we passed out. Sarah Michelle Gellar was there and telling us not to take off the wheel because we didn’t know what it granted us. Citizenship, and freedom. I took mine off and threw it in an arena. One like at a baseball game. I left and went to a party, a meeting. It seemed I was at school and I sat at the desk. The rectangle desks became more round. I looked behind me to hear the man talking. First I drank some sort of orange juice with oreo cookie chunks in it. He was saying that there was a whole world out there that we need to explore. Nobody listened but I looked at him and pointed to my left ear. I mouthed the words that I am listening. I hoped nobody understood my signing, and he seemed to look nervous. We bolted from the room. We went past Sarah and kept going through jungle leaves downhill towards the gate of freedom. I worried about my citizenship and if I should have shaved the back of my head in order to see the bolt holes. I kept running.



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