Your body is art. I never knew it until the day you showed me. The colors on your skin allowed my imagination to take over. Somebody took the time to emphasize the beauty within you. How lucky they are!



Fake Teeth Smiling

I arrived to the college I attend and I was near the Humanities and Social Services building. The parking lot is being worked on in order to build a new building, but in my dream, it was how it was when I first started attending college; there were no construction workers. I crossed the pedestrian crosswalk between the parking lot and the school. There were many cars and they were mostly white and black. I heard somebody calling my name and I heard footsteps swiftly approaching me from behind. I turned around to see my ex-husband standing there. He smiled at me and his teeth were fake. They were extremely white and definitely not his natural teeth. I was afraid and he followed me into a classroom in the art building which was close to the Humanities one, and not the usual walk across the campus. The art building seemed to replace where the Science and Technology building was. He asked me if he could walk with me. I was still afraid, but I agreed. I entered the room to realized on the classroom clock that the time was twenty minutes before my lifespan psychology class was to start, and I told him that I had to leave. There was cardboard in the classroom and posters everywhere. I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then woke up.