Doll Theft

I was with my Russian. We were at a church setting, a gathering, but it was actually at the college I graduated from. There were many people there, and they started to talk about abortion. The people were going to show what abortion actually did the body of the fetus, but my Russian stole the doll from the speaker. He started to run away with it. I ran after him and was yelling at him, my attempt to persuade him to return the doll. I didn’t want him to get arrested for such a thing as stealing a doll. My Russian ignored me but a guard finally did stop him. The guard was standing on a deck that curved around sharply. The guard was holding a paper bag in his hands. The bag had a burger in it, and my Russian finally dropped the toy and he didn’t get arrested for petty theft.



Jeopardy Church

I was with an ex-boyfriend, someone who I have stayed friends with and have known for quite a while. We ended up going to a church together. We never went to church in real life because neither one of us is religious, though we have our separate beliefs about God or the afterlife. The church wasn’t an ordinary church and there were many tasks to do such as cleaning or organizing. There was a screen that came down in the front of the church and instantly I felt as if I was on the television show Jeopardy. The beautiful stained glass windows of the church (which is a huge reason why I visit churches to begin with) had tuned into a giant projector screen and the words “De La That” appeared onto it. The Jeopardy board was now completely filled in. It was a religious message, even if it was not out rightly so. I don’t know what the “De La That” means. It seems as if my mind was trying to decipher Romanian and English at the same time. The projector screen started to match the bright colors where the windows once were.