Mind and Matter

Everything in the world boils down into two categories: Point of view, or matter. Point of view is a personal stance, idea, belief, or perspective that is formed by thoughts and experiences; whereas, matter is a physical attribute that is tangible.

When it comes down to personal stances, nobody should expect anybody to have the same opinion because nobody is the same. Twins are genetically the closest of any two people and yet, they are not the same, but they are similar. Yet, are humans so different from each other? Age might be a factor towards point of view because age refers to a specific space in time, atmosphere, and lesson. Every child has dreams, and every adult has regrets. Regrets cannot exist without first having dreams. The way a child versus a grandparent thinks is vastly different. Differences also occur between cave people and modern day humans because modern day humans have taken the earlier lessons and applied them towards people of today. We no longer worry about the same issues, like fearing fire. Point of view uses similar ideals for problem solving and rule setting.

The ancient Greeks are known for establishing rules and regulations to live by. It was through them that a code of conduct was established and is used predominantly throughout the world. Even so, this is just one point of view; it’s a belief. Everybody believes in something. Even a total lack of faith is impossible because nobody knows for certain what is after this life. There are many possibilities, and the only certainty is that one day, our physical bodies will stop working.

Food is matter and it sustains our physical bodies. Food keeps our blood pumping, our cartilage attached, and our bones from not breaking. When our bodies die and decompose, this is still matter. We become food for another upon our burial. Our bodies break down into dirt. Worms and bugs eat us, birds eat the worms, and a while ecosystem emerges. If we are cremated, this is just a different belief and we become a whole other form of matter. We become particles in the air through our cremation smoke or by our friends and family spreading our ashes into the air. Air is mass. It’s not always solid although it is trappable in balloons. The air changes color. All forms of matter change. This is why there is fog, or why the sky is not always blue. We might not be able to touch it, but it is definitely there.

Beliefs on the other hand, can be stretched across the globe and it’s like a rock has been shot through a sling shot. The views will change and they will develop; they will get smashed down and condensed. They will be picked apart, dissected, and all of it will simply be boiled down to an opinion, and there are numerous amounts of those. Some opinions or beliefs can become extreme and that is where things become dangerous.

Almost every religion believes that there faith is the correct or right way, but each of these groups contain the base root of a belief. Beliefs can become tangible because the worst wars were fought over the belief. Intolerance makes people decipher their beliefs, but some things are meant to be left alone. By categorizing everything, differences are created where they may not have existed before. For instance, the ocean is blue, but what if it was really red, or pink, or orange? In my mind, I may believe the ocean to be black, does it make my opinion true?  Belief and matter are not the same, although my beliefs can turn into matter: my thoughts created my pen to move just like an actor’s thoughts brought him his lines on cue or a director’s script to life. Thoughts are beliefs that can turn into life and they can become tangible.

People labeled as crazy or insane, are not crazy or insane by their own standards. Their imaginary friends, or even enemies, they socialize with are very real. The images played in their heads are real to them. If there are nightmares, the whole other reality may become inescapable. For instance, sick people can often times make themselves even sicker. Whether or not their thoughts are accurate or there is any truth to their belief, their thoughts can enormously affect them. It’s amazing that an opinion based on theories inside of somebody’s mind can create physical ailments; doctors can take internal photographs of these consequences of thoughts. Humans must use more than just ten percent of their brains, huh?

Every living being has the same core belief: to live as long as possible. However, humans are the only known creature to commit suicide. Disregarding this alternative point of view, I am no different from somebody living in Japan, Russia, or Africa; I am no different from a fly, elephant, or tree because all wish to live as long as possible and will fight to the death if they believe that they will win the fight.

Humans have a slightly different perspective compared with other animals. For instance, dogs cannot see color. Obviously they can see, but just not colors. I believe that they simply see what we cannot because I have seen dogs stop and bark at nothing that I could sense. I also believe that dogs do not care about the same colors of man. Humans seem to be the only ones who are truly colorblind. Our classifications of race, our boxes of age, religion, sexual orientation, and financial status is overwhelmingly unnecessary.

I tell myself not to worry about any of this because I am only a grain of sand. If I meshed with another grain of sand and we coagulated with more and grew larger, we could hypothetically become the wind in a tornado, snow for an avalanche, or reflection of glass. We can shine and change the images beyond us, sometimes effecting massively and irreversibly because once something exists, it is in existence for anything to decipher it or alter it. It can become matter and anybody can judge it by condoning it or condemning it. The reflections of glass can be broken causing shattered fractures of pain, or it can reflect nothing but light, emulsifying and creating something better. Differences can destroy or embrace depending on perspective. Who says that we are all so different when inside we all bleed red?