Doll Theft

I was with my Russian. We were at a church setting, a gathering, but it was actually at the college I graduated from. There were many people there, and they started to talk about abortion. The people were going to show what abortion actually did the body of the fetus, but my Russian stole the doll from the speaker. He started to run away with it. I ran after him and was yelling at him, my attempt to persuade him to return the doll. I didn’t want him to get arrested for such a thing as stealing a doll. My Russian ignored me but a guard finally did stop him. The guard was standing on a deck that curved around sharply. The guard was holding a paper bag in his hands. The bag had a burger in it, and my Russian finally dropped the toy and he didn’t get arrested for petty theft.



A Doll

The truth is
I miss everything
I miss nothing

I taste the coldness
I bite the steel blade between my teeth
And hope they break

I feel the sweat trickle down my back
And hope the sun fades forever

I call out into the dark
And listen
As my own voice echoes back to me

I look at myself and I see nothing
I am a doll
Dressed in outdated children’s clothes